Programmes offered by Pailala Institute

pailala institute
Pailala Institute provides a variety of courses for Paida Lajin healing techniques. This organization is an international platform and people from countries such as China, Bulgaria, the United States, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong can become members. Pailala Institute teaches approximately 100 short courses to its members. These modules are affordable and are prepared for as low as $1 for the first week.

They are categorized into three significant lessons which include the introduction, intermediate, and advanced courses. The introductory part covers basic knowledge of meridian blockages, Paida Lajin benefits and simple healing techniques. The intermediate and advanced modules deal with the treatment of specific diseases. Once coated, a student can be able to answer the most frequently asked questions by patients.

A monthly subscription costs $1 and frequently includes thirteen videos and a newsletter. The supporting membership package is comprised of approximately sixteen videos and thirty podcasts. The premier package is a superior membership as it consists of about 105 lessons on each Paida Lajin method. It is also accompanied by some classes taught by Master HongChi Xiao, a healer and the founder of Pailala Institute. All subscribers are eligible for occasional discounts offered by the organization’s online store.

Pailala Institute also offers certification to people who wish to become Paida Lajin coaches. One can only be certified when they have:

• Completed studying the 105 lessons
• Studied the institutes’ Q&A
• Reviewed all testimonials
• Studied the podcast
• Passed the coach exam
• Participated in at least three workshops
• Completed online application
• Signed a contract and paid a license fee
• Created an account under the institute’s website

The certification journey does not end after accomplishing all these requirements. Coaches have levels that range from 1-3. A level one coach is eligible to perform half-day seminars while level two can go for a whole day. Lastly, a level three coach can host a three-day seminar. All these workshops are documented in videos then uploaded on Pailala Institute’s website for future reference and supervision from experts. Each coach is expected to renew their certificate thrice a year if they wish to continue practicing.