Corrective Dental Care

One of the other primary needs that patients have in their dental care is known as corrective dental care. This type of dental care includes removing excess teeth, treating misaligned teeth, correcting damaged teeth or improper teeth grinding. As professional dentists we can help our patients to correct these issues and if necessary refer
any of our patients on to specialists to further advance treatments for more difficult circumstances.

Plaque, Gum Disease, Tooth Loss And Overall Health

Did you know that oral hygiene and maintaining proper dental care is critical to your overall health? Studies have shown conclusively that a lack of proper care can lead to an onset of diseases and ailments such as heart disease and strokes.

The number one culprit to tooth decay and problems with an increased risk for heart disease and stroke is plaque and tarter build up in the teeth. When people ingest food, some of the particles get stuck in between the teeth and remain their unless removed. That is when plaque and tarter build up begins to form.

While many people believe that brushing and flossing will prevent plaque and tarter, the reality is that some of it will often remain behind. Flossing and brushing your teeth is a critical part of preventing tarter and plaque. However, food particles often get stuck in crevices that typical flossing and brushing of teeth cannot get rid of. This is why an annual cleaning of your teeth at our dentist’s office is a critical part of maintaining your overall proper health. A professional dental teeth cleaning is the best way to get rid of buildup and ensure that plaque and harmful bacteria do not cause you any physical ailments.

Plaque initially starts as a sticky film over the teeth. If left unattended properly, the plaque begins to harden and cause bad bacteria to form under the gum line. This is when the plaque becomes tarter and can cause receding gums, tooth loss and an increase in risk for heart disease and stroke. The plaque from the bacteria also starts to erode at the base of the tooth and this can lead to lose gums and eventual tooth loss.

The biggest problem is once gum disease sets in, it takes substantial work to eradicate the problem which is why dentists are constantly trying to teach people proper dental hygiene. What starts as simple gingivitis and tarter, can lead to much more complicated oral health and bodily health issues.

The good news is that proper dental care can protect a person’s overall health and protect their smile. Plaque build-up occurs when food particles create a sticky film on the teeth that over time create a hardened layer around a tooth and creates an infection and swelling. Proper teeth cleaning on an annual basis can remedy this situation and protect you from the harm of plaque and gum disease.
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