How Pailala Institute is revolutionizing the health sector using Paida Lajin

paida lajin self healing

Paida Lajin is a self-healing technique that involves slapping a patient’s specific areas of the body and stretching the tendons to enhance Qi and blood flow. This skill is sufficient as it assists the body to recover naturally from chronic pain and diseases. Paida Lajin is listed in Oracle of Chinese medicine as a productive skill. The Pailala Institute is a center that offers immense knowledge as well as courses and membership to individuals interested in exploring the benefits of Paida Lajin.

Insights into the Paida Lajin healing method

Paida is a Chinese word, “Pai” means “to pat” while “Da” means “to slap.” From the Chinese definition, Paida refers to patting and slapping the skin to expel waste lodged inside the body to promote the smooth flow of energy in the meridian system of the body. This technique dates back to the time of Taoist healers who used it to treat injuries. Paida combines a broad range of methods including those used by Buddhists, Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM) and Taoists to manage health. This healing method is solely dependent on a person’s concentration and optimism.

PaidaLajin self-healing can be performed anytime be it in the morning, afternoon or at night. Given that people’s physical conditions vary, the duration for which it is presented also varies per person. Regarding healthcare, in a day one could slap themselves from head to the feet for approximately 15-20 minutes once or twice. For patients who are unwell and are showing symptoms of a disease, they could pat themselves on the nidus for 30 minutes.

Patients with severe medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, or psoriasis they could slap three times a day. For these kinds of people, emphasis should be put on the nidus, knees, feet, and elbows. In these kinds of instances, Paida can only be stopped when patients begin to get relief.

When Paida is performed consistently, people are rid of “poisonous blood” commonly referred to as “Sha.” Additionally, diseases are cured, and blood circulation is enhanced. Lajin is also made of two words the prefix “La” means “to stretch” while “jin” means to tendons or ligaments. Lajin means to stretch to restore proper functioning of the ligaments and muscles of the body. This technique also works to prevent aging. When correctly done, Paida Lajin could;

• promote the overall health of the body
• enhance the flow of blood and Qi
• enable longevity cleansing the body

paida lajin health

Ultimately, this skill could help cures various ailments such as prostate disorders, hypertension, diabetes, dislocations, and gynecological issues. Studies show that the Lajin position is entirely safe offers immense benefits to patients. For this method to work, it requires a special bench. Although, chairs can also be used to achieve the safe effect. While in this position, it is advisable to coordinate one’s breathing while stretching out the arms.

When using chairs to perform this method, it is advisable to place the chairs against the wall then lie on the back with arms stretched behind the head. One leg should be raised against the pillar while the other bent downwards to touch the floor. Buttocks should be moved against the support. It is advisable that the patients’ legs do not move outward.

On the other hand, the inner thighs should be close together to enhance intensity. The patient should stay in this position for 10-40minutes after which they switch to the other leg. Aside from the health-related benefits brought about by this exercise, the good thing is that it is self-administered. When a person identifies their intensity limits, they often practice alone. When performing Lajin, one may experience pain and aches. Most of the time, these are indications of ailment. Therefore, one should know their tolerance level for better health outcomes.

Lajin has two types of responses either swelling, soreness, and pain or dizziness, rashes, red spots, headache, or running nose. These manifestations are normal body’s reactions to this exercise. Hence, when one begins to manifest these symptoms, they should discontinue for some time then resume. For best results, Paida ought to be accompanied with Lajin to offer long-term health solutions to the body.